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Luxury Dog Size Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

Orthopedic Foam to help evenly distribute the pets weight

Allieviate pressure on joints and bony areas.  

Useful when the Pet needs supportive lying bedding.

Contoured ends which cradle your pet's body

Providing superior therapeutic support for the back and neck.


Weight: 4.35kg


Dimensions: 105cm * 86cm * 17cm - variations to the product can occur

Luxury Dog Size Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

SKU: 6016 0094
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    Luxury Dog size Orthopedic Foam Bed




    • The inner cover is Suede nap with lite waterproof cover abilities
    • Contoured design gives extra comfort - whole sponge
    • Removable and hand washable cover fabric
    • Spot clean by hand wiping
    • The bottom is a non-skid texture bottom
    • Orthopedic foam base slab, dense and sturdy in structure, the thick
    • Superior comfort and great support for aching joints, allowing your pet to enjoy a deeper, more restorative sleep.
    • Insulating properties also helps keep your best pet friend warm and toasty during cold winter months
    • Smoothes pressure points
    • This memory foam is 100% recycled so its environmentally friendly.


    Washing instructions:  Hand wash only, wipe hand wash is best.  To fully submerge into water will damage product.  Wipe wash is best.

    Special note: Not suitable for pets with excessive teething behaviour


    Note: Purchase is for single item, not set 


    Warehouse depatch:  Goods warehouse is in AUCKLAND    


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  • Packing Size

    Dimensions: Different sizing for each size Bed, see the photo dimensions


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