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You Asked, We Answered

Common Queries

Looking for more info about one of our products, services, or a pending order? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for some quick answers. If you can’t find the answer, get in touch.

Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Do you offer gift cards or loyalty program?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE is working on a gift card program.  Also considering a loyalty program for fans.

UPDATED: As of 24th June 2022, LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS was created and launched.

What are the payment options?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE is currently using TRADEME for as the purchasing online store platform.  Please see the purchasing options on the listings

UPDATED: As of late April 2022, LUXE PET PALS website created on website purchasing.

What is the refund process?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE will meet all New Zealand legal obligations and practises.  If not stated on the listing or purchasing page.  The product or goods will be assessed on a case by case review, and that the products or goods were intended use was correct and the product or goods were faulty as of purchased or intended use.

how can i view the products?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE will be present at Pet shows, expos and events.  The pickup locations also serve as a view on the spot.  Other special arrangements can be made.  Contact us

how soon can i get my product after purchasing?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE understands you want your product as soon as possible.  TRADEME is our preferred online purchase platform, the business transaction will have to process and then the shipping process will begin.  For urgent shipping options please contact us before purchasing to sort out a plan.

UPDATED: As of late April 2022, LUXE PET PALS website created on website purchasing.

We ship with NZ National NZPOST

i got the wrong size and changed my mind?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE can understand from time to time the purchase was not the preferred size.  However due to the New Zealand legal rights, LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE does not have to refund from incorrect purchase.  All the details of the product would be listed at the time of sale, and also a pickup location can be made available before purchasing the product.  Also note, a "change of mind" does not require a refund. Please contact us on very serious situation and we will see if we can work out a plan.

can my pet come view the product at the pickup location?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE understands its best to see if the size is appropriate for your Pet Pal.  Prior arrangements need to be made before the Pet is allowed to review the product.  LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE has to follow proper health and safety rules.  Please contact us before viewing with Pet.

are there other products available?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE is always progressing to provide the best modern lifestyle pet products and goods.  We like to update our available stocks often.  Please like, subscribe, follow us or even contact us for more information.

where are the products designed and made?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE understands from the designers and manufacturers that many of the Designers were based in Europe, America, and Asia.  Most of the production manufacturing is made in Asia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand.

quality control and testing?

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE understands that all the proper processes and documentation has been met at the associated country and business factory.  New Zealand Customs and MPI has conducted there checks inorder for the products and goods to enter safely into the New Zealand environment.

do you ship around most parts of new zealand

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE has many fans, customers all around New Zealand.  Shipping up to Kaitaia to the Lower South Island frequently.  We use many shipping companies and ask them specially can it get to this address.  In the event it was not possible for the delivery, we will contact the buyer and sort out a special plan for them to get their goods.

do you ship internationally

At the moment LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE ships goods domestically to New Zealand.  However, in special occasions you can contact us and we will listen to your situation and try sort out a plan.

do you provide other payment methods if TRADEME cannot be used

TRADEME is LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE preferred online purchasing platform.  However, we understand not all payment methods can fit everyone.  Please contact us with your purchasing questions and we will try to sort out a plan.

UPDATED: As of late April 2022, LUXE PET PALS website created on website purchasing.

if i purchase many items can we combine shipping costs?

To answer this will require the goods to be combined packaged and weighted and making sure it can be delivered to your address location.  Please contact us first before the purchase as we will try sort out a plan.

I live in auckland, do you have a urgent delivery service

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE is located in the AUCKLAND region.  We understand you want your LUXE PALS goods as soon as possible.  From time to time we do arrange a urgent delivery service from the LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE staff team to your door, this is a extra delivery and handling charge.  Please do contact us and we can sort out a plan.

do you do wholesale or bulk sale buying

LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE is a retailer providing its best service to our fans and customers, we generally only hold enough stock for our retail needs.  We understand that sometimes other businesses, or Vets love our products so much and want to also share the joy of the products and goods.  Please contact with us, and maybe a plan can be sorted.

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