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ZEE.DOG Adjustable Air Mesh Harness - CHROMA!


The Chroma Adjustable Air Mesh Harness is a lightweight, breathable mesh chest harness that's soft on fur and fully adjustable around the neck and girth. The buckle is built with a 4-point locking system for extra safety and has a d-ring for a leash. 


  • Made from premium, durable mesh material, this Adjustable Air Mesh Harness keeps your dog cool and ventilated
  • Super soft feel for extra comfort
  • Adjustable around the neck and belly for a perfect fit
  • Buckle is built with a 4-point locking system for added safety


Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large


Extra Small $39.99
Small $44.99
Medium $59.99
Large $64.99


Size XS
Neck: 20-24cm
Girth: 33 - 41cm
Size Small
Neck: 28-32cm
Girth: 41 – 50cm
Size Medium
Neck: 36-40cm
Girth: 52 – 62cm
Size Large
Neck: 44-48cm
Girth: 63 – 82cm

ZEE.DOG Adjustable Air Mesh Harness - CHROMA!

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