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Zee.Cat Bed - Terracotta!


The Terracotta Cat Bed is an ultra comfortable, versatile cat bed. Customize a space for your cat that makes them feel safe and warm. Use the removable screen to create a semi-enclosed cat cave bed or use it as an open cat bed without the screen.


The pillow of the bed has two different textures on each side. Choose the soft, fleece side in the cold and the smooth, cozy side when it's warmer. This cat bed is easy to assemble and disassemble which makes it easy to store and travel with. and will complement the décor of your home. 


The non-slip rubber base ensures the bed always stays in place. The three detachable pieces that make up the cat bed make it easy to transport and allow for easy cleaning and storage. 


Removable textile screen-wall to create a cozy and protected space.

Double sided pillow, one side is fluffy and warm, made of fleece. The other side is fresh and scratch proof.

Made with three detachable pieces for easy cleaning, storing and carrying around.


  • Made of human quality materials and details
  • Natural Rubber base prevents it from slipping off
  • Double sided pillow, fluffy or scratch resistant
  • Removable textile screen surrounds the bed to create a cozy environment
  • Versatile cat bed that is super comfortable
  • Modular design with a removable screen that can easily be attached to create a warm, safe semi-enclosed cat cave bed
  • Pillow has 2 sides - a fluffy fleece side and a smooth, soft side
  • Non-slip natural rubber base that keeps the bed in place
  • Easy to put together and disassemble
  • The 3 components of the bed are easy to clean, transport and store



Size 27 x 46 x 23 cm



Natural rubber, tough polyester, short plush, polar fleece

Zee.Cat Bed - Terracotta!

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