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Members can benefit from accumulated spend loyality rewards system  

$1 spent = 1 rewards point ( points do not expire )


150 rewards points = $10 off - per order

250 rewards points = FREE DELIVERY - per order

300 rewards points = 10% off all full priced items - per order

700 rewards points = 15% off all full priced items - per order

1000 rewards points = 20% off all full price items - per order

- You choose how you want to use the reward points -

Rewarding you 

LUXE PET PALS wanted to reward loyal members with a LOYALITY REWARDS system with the amount you spent to be accumulated to bigger rewards.

We are always focus on trying to give a positive shopping experience and will update the rewards system often to give different points rewards to how you want to spend your points.

We understand different members would spend their LOYALITY REWARDS differently and prefer different rewards, so we try to provide different point rewards to fit a wider group rewards system.

T & C

1.  Joining Members to the LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS can view there points on their Member Profile login account MY REWARDS.

2.  The Rewards are only valid for 1 time usage / per order.  The Rewards is valid for 1time only.  Points do not expire once earned in your account.

3.  The Rewards discounts are only specific to full price items listed price!  Only for products, noT including SHIPPING.

4.  The Rewards FREE SHIPPING is the only Free Shipping - per order.

5.  At anytime LUXE PET PALS may change the LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS system, points accumulation, $1 = value, or even remove the LOYALITY REWARDS.

6.  Members and LOYALITY REWARDS Members can not hold LUXE PET PALS liable for any changes to the LOYALITY REWARDS system or even in the event of removal / discontinued / removal of the LOYALTY REWARDS.

7.  The creation of the LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS is in the positive, best interest to reward LOYALTY REWARDS members and that LUXE PET PALS does not take likely to any negative or in the unfortunate event of ending / ceasing /shutting down the LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS.

8.  PRIOR to 6. 7. In simplistic terms, LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS members will not / cannot make LUXE PET PALS liable for any retributions to the shutdown or changing of the LOYALITY REWARDS.

9.  Only LOYALITY REWARDS members can be involved with the LOYALITY REWARDS functions, discussions, rewards, news.

10.  Other parties which are not LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS members, do not and shall not discuss negatively of the LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS.

11.  Any negative behaviour, discussion, or reference to LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS must cease, and apologies to be presented with the appropriate medias to rectify the issue as to avoid any situation of ligitation of defamation.  In simple times, do not discuss about untrue and factual information which as not been discussed with LUXE PET PALS with authority to do so by LUXE PET PALS.

12.  All LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS members information is private and confidential to the individual.  LUXE PET PALS takes privacy and confidentially seriously!  No information is shared.

13.  Will the LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS work with other sales / discounts / coupons, LUXE PET PALS will allow the LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS to be used with other promotions, PENDING if the website program and application can process 2 promotions at the same time and be allowed of the website programming (WIX website).  Members are encouraged to try, if it is not successful / is unsuccessful then WIX website programming cannot process double promotions yet.

14.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TRADEMARK "LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS" is associated, recognised, created by LUXE PET PALS NZ.  No other organisation, business, entity or individual has any rights to the "LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS" without prior consent officially written by LUXE PET PALS NZ.

15.  LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS/POINTS are not transferrable into money/currency/legal money.  LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS POINTS will remain as points and can only be exchanged based on the rewards system, unless LUXE PET PALS updates its policy.  LUXE PET PALS may in a case by case situation nominate a resolution offer for a situation which is complicated, and that no persons/individual/members/corporations/organisations may prosecute or hold LUXE PET PALS liable in the LUXE PET PALS, LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS.

16.  LUXE PET PALS, LUXE LOYALITY REWARDS goal is that the LOYALITY REWARDS system is a positive reward for the participates, and that LUXE PET PALS is not liable for any wrong doings, defamation, civil law, criminal law offense, tort, within NZ laws without an appropriate investigation to identify, rectify, mitigate and provide resolution of the issue matter.

17.   Any further questions can be directed to LUXE PET PALS email:

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