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THE CATPAK litter for cats

6Litres cat litter


Only available for auckland pickup or delivery



100% PURE


CatPak™ litter is made from 100% naturally occurring Attapulgite clay. Its unique mineral structure consists of millions of tiny channels. These invisible air pockets give attapulgite its miraculous absorption capacity and ability to lock in liquids, odours, and bacteria.


Try our CatPak™ Cat Litter made from 100% Australian-sourced Attapulgite clay. Our litter is an economical choice that effectively soaks up liquids and odours and forms easy clumps for cleaning. We work to make looking after your furry family cleaner and fuss-free!


Super Absorbent

Soaks up more liquid and ammonia odours


100% Natural

Naturally occurring West Australian Attapulgite Clay with no added chemicals


Biodegradable Litter

Natural contents can be returned to earth without harm


Benefits and Features

  • 100% Natural – Made of naturally occurring Attapulgite Clay with no added chemicals
  • Super Absorbent – Soaks up liquid and ammonia odours naturally and effectively 
  • Biodegradable Litter – Used litter can be returned to earth without harm when scattered around non-edible plants
  • Minimal Dust – Produces minimal dust for people with allergies or respiratory problems. It also equals less mess around the litter box.
  • Safe for Cats – Natural litter properties means safe ingestion for cats.

Australian – Sourced from Western Australia


Package Size

Length 8cm
Width 18.5cm
Height 40cm

The 6L CATPAK Litter

17,99$ Standardpreis
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