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New Pet Bed?: How often to replace the Pets Bed new

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This discussion blog is about general opinions about the time frame for replacing the pet bed. We will use articles evidence and other articles from the internet to have a wide spread of replies, opinions, discussions and let you decide what is good for you.

We will reference the replies with links as below. Happy reading :)

  • "So how often should I replace my dog’s bed?

Aside from hygiene, which can be solved by washing most of the time, the bed’s support is the most important thing. The bed needs to be comfortable for your dog, so replacing your dog bed depends a lot on its quality as well as the size of your dog. A large dog is naturally going to wear down a bed more quickly than a smaller dog might. A large dog requires a bed with more cushioning and support, since their joints and bones especially need a little extra help. Smaller dogs of course need good bedding, too, but typically it’s less expensive. It’s also easier to find a good bed to accommodate their size.

Dogs tend to trust our judgment, after all, and will often copy our behavior if they deem it reasonable. If all else fails, simply get a new bed. It could be that the bed just isn’t comfortable anymore, so replacing it about once a year is reasonable. The cushion could be too worn and flattened, and no longer able to protect your dog from the hard floor.

In short, clean your dog’s bed regularly, and pay attention to signs that your pup is uncomfortable. This should be more than enough to keep your dog nice and happy".

  • How often should you replace the bed?

There is no fits all answer to the question. But for general purposes, here are somethings to look out for:

  1. When you can smell your pet bed before you see it

  2. When the bed has become compromised to the point where the inner stuffing falls out and there is a safety risk.

  3. Infections and health issues for you or your pet"

  • Signs a New Pet Bed is a likely needing changing

Since most dogs and cats sleep 10-16 hours a day or more, it's important to choose the right bed for your precious pet. Before making your purchase consider the following: Size, Shape and Texture. Mistake #1: Choosing The Wrong Size Dog Bed

The biggest mistake people make when purchasing a bed for their dog or cat is guessing on size. Measure your pet's length. This will give you a general idea about the dimensions your pet needs to be comfortable. There's nothing worse than a bed that's too small. Mistake #2: Choosing The Wrong Shape Dog Bed

Analyze how your pet sleeps. Do they curl up in a ball or do they stretch out? Most pets will sleep in a variety of different positions but if you spend some time watching your pet's behavior you can get a good idea which type of bed he or she will most enjoy.

A Round Dog Bed may be best for those that like to curl up, while a large Rectangular Dog Bed is better for those that like to stretch out. Mistake #3: Choosing The Wrong Texture

Pets have their own unique preferences. Some dogs and cats prefer nappy textures, while others like smooth fabrics. Take a look at the spots your dog likes to flop and this will help you determine the best kind of fabric for your pet's bed. Consider the temperature/climate in which you live. If you're in a colder area, think about getting a heavier fabric. In warmer climates, a cool bed might be more appropriate. Dogs and cats are very sensitive to smell and may prefer the scent of their old blanket or bed to the new one so give you pet time to adjust. You can also make the bed smell more like you (which your pet also likes) by putting your old t-shirt on the bed for a few days.

  1. Making the bed smell familiar to your pet is key. When washing your bed in the washing machine, be gentle on the soap and use a Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent.

  2. Dogs are social creatures and they want to spend time with you. It's a good idea to put your dog's new bed in the room where you are. Don't be afraid to move it around from room to room. Where ever you happen to be hanging out is where your pooch wants to be!

  3. Finally, you can create a reward system when your pet uses his new bed. Take a few minutes each day and train your dog to sit on his bed. Using positive reinforcement, it's easy to teach your dog a basic sit/stay right on the bed. Reward your dog with a Healthy Dog Treat each time. Soon enough, your dog will associate his new bed with really good things".

  • "5 Signs it is Time for a New Dog Bed

Dog beds can harbor bacteria, pests, and smells that over time can disrupt or harm your dog’s health. You need to replace a dog bed when you notice the signs below.

Tears, Holes, and Loose Strings Can be a Choking Hazard

Unwanted Infestation Can Take Over a Home

Keep an eye out for infestations:

  • Pests: Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches

  • Parasites: Worms, Fleas, Ticks

  • Mites: commonly referred to as “mange”

Unexplained Sickness and Hair Loss

Stubborn Odors from Bacteria and Outside Use

Changing Needs of an Aging Dog

A dog’s needs can change due to:

  • Size

  • Age

  • Health reasons

The bed your dog has as a 6-month-old puppy, might not be a great fit once it is fully grown. As your dog ages, it might need a new bed to help ease its achy joints or allergies. Working dogs tend to need a supportive bed, this would include memory foam mattresses and other types of bed that form around the body".

Disclaimer: details below


  • Every Pet is different so please seek professional independent advice. This does not substitute as specific advice, but just discussion opinion.

  • The blog serves as a point of discussion, and opinions discussed in the blog is just discussion. It is up to the individual to make there own decision with their own responsibility.

  • LUXE PALS LIFESTYLE, LUXE PET PALS, and owners of the company does not take any responsibility for any topics discussed and then administered by the reader, viewer. It is the responsibility of the reader, viewer to make there own decision.

  • At no point in this blog is there an absolute correct or incorrect way, it is a discussion and opinions based on what other people are thinking about the issue.

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