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ZEE.DOG Compostable Poop Bags ORANGE!


Meet our compostable dog poop bags. These orange bags don't just add style and a pop of color to your poop bag dispenser. They are made from certified compostable plastic making them more environmentally friendly and sustainable. So, when poop happens, we’re with you. Each box contains 60 poop bags (4 rolls with 15 poop bags each).


  • Dog poop bags made of a certified compostable plastic.
  • Citrus scented, soft poop bags
  • 15 bags in a roll ; 4 rolls per box
  • Fits most standard poop bag dispensers.
  • Note : Keep poop bags away from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and sunlight.
  • Size : 12.9 in (33 cm) (H) x 9 in (23 cm) (W)


RRP $17

ZEE.DOG Compostable Poop Bags ORANGE

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