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Zee.Bed cover GREEN!


(Cover only, Zee.Bed sold separately)!


Customize or update your Zee.Bed with a separate new cover.

The all new Green Zee.Bed cover comes with a super resistant double zipper that makes your life easy when you need to take it off to wash and put it back on.

Made of a super comfortable hypoallergenic microfiber, this cover is the real deal for your dog's nap time.

The bottom has rubber spots to avoid slipping and comes in two sizes - Small and Large.


  • Soft, microfiber, hypoallergenic bed cover that fits on the Zee.Bed.
  • Removable cover has two zippers for easy removal
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom – ensures the bed remains in place
  • Sizes - Small and Large = Compatible to your Zee.Bed size

Zee.Dog Zee Bed cover - GREEN! (Cover only, Zee.Bed sold separately)!

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