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LUXE Pet Pals Bed Case Cover - Supreme! (Cover only, sold separately)! XLARGE!


(Cover only, sold separately)!


Customize or update your Pet Bed with a separate new case cover.

The all new LUXE PET PALS Bed case cover comes with a super resistant strong durable zipper that makes your life easy when you need to take it off to wash and put it back on.

Made of a super comfortable hypoallergenic fibers, this cover is the real deal for your dog's nap time.

The latest design modern elegant design fabric, it will level up your room with status points!


  • Soft, microfiber, hypoallergenic bed case cover that fits on the VERY XLARGE Pet Beds.
  • Removable cover has durable zipper for easy removal
  • Superior fabric – ensures the bed case remains its shape and elasticity
  • Sizes - XL (measures 106cm heights, 89cms width)
  • Can fit pet bed inside (90cm * 70cm * 25cm) see picture



LUXE Pet Pals Bed Case Cover - Supreme! Cover only, no bed XLARGE

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